Preschool and School-age Programs

Advancing your child's learning

Advanced Technology

At Kid’s Castle Learning Center, we offer advanced learning opportunities to our students – a Promethean Board is available at some locations. The board is an interactive white board that allows children to have hands-on learning. It also allows teachers to differentiate their approach to teaching and offers the ability to adjust lesson plans.


Physical Education

Our physical education program is available for toddlers who are at least 15 months old to children up to age 12. Each day, your child will participate in physical education for at least one-half hour up to 45 minutes. During the first 15 minutes of the class, children are engaged in exercise activity such as running, playground play, jumping jacks, stretching and push-ups. We also provide children the opportunity to learn about new sports each week, and incorporate that education into your physical education programming and classroom lessons. Whenever weather permits, children are able to go outside to play in a safe playground setting.